etude house look at my eyes cafe swatches | 에뛰드 하우스 룩 앳 마이 아이즈 카페 추천

Hey guys! I'm here with swatches of the Etude House Look at my Eyes Cafe eyeshadows. I picked up my first Etude House eyeshadow this fall - crazy, right? I've lived in Korea for so many years, but I've never actually tried one of these adorable things up until recently! I guess I just tend to be quite skeptical about single eyeshadows.

Etude House has three Look at my  Eyes lines - satin (Look at my Eyes), glitter (Look at my Eyes Jewel) and matte (Look at my Eyes Cafe), which is my favorite. I've done a good deal of swatching in store, and from what I've noticed, the matte line are the most incredibly smooth, pigmented and finely milled ones. I usually use a fluffy brush with these to create a wash of color over the lid, but I also like to use my finger or a dense brush if I want to pack on the shadow.

Not to mention, these shadows are just too adorable - they have little hearts imprinted all over them! Eventually they'll rub away, but I'll just enjoy looking at them for now.

These shadows also come at a great price point - 3,500. They are a bit pricier if you're ordering from outside of Korea, but not by much, since they don't weigh a lot.

I picked up BR404 초콜렛 라떼 (chocolate latte), BR401 까페 라떼 (cafe latte), and PK004 딥 베리 소다 (deep berry soda). I don't really know why Etude House chose to spell "chocolate" and "cafe" that way, but it's cute.

PK004 (deep berry soda) is a gorgeous burgundy-cranberry shade that leans more red/pink than brown. This is my favorite shade in the bunch - it's such a unique color and works so well to smudge out burgundy eyeliner. I also love pairing these deep burgundy colors with gold.

BR401 (cafe latte) is much less yellow in person and leans more pink-nude (the true color will show up more in the swatches below.) On my NC20 skintone, this shade is the perfect nude beige that adds a bit of dimension to my eyes but still looks natural on my skin.

BR404 (chocolate latte) is a slightly cool-toned medium brown. This is a perfect brown to contour the 쌍꺼풀 라인, or the eye crease/socket. It's also cool enough to be a brow powder for light hair - I used this on my eyebrows a couple of times when my hair was a medium brown color.

left to right: PK004, BR401, BR404

If you're outside of Korea, you can buy these shadows from testerkorea (a convenient and reputable website!)

What do you guys think of these shadows? Have you tried them? Let me know!


  1. These look so pretty! I need the burgundy one in my life - it's so hard to find a good matte burgundy shade these days :)

    1. Agree! It seems like most of the burgundy shadows on the market are either shimmery, brown-toned, or both. It's a good day when I find a matte red! Have you tried these shadows before?