ecotools 5-piece mineral brush set | review (에코툴즈 브러쉬 리뷰)

It can be rather difficult to find a decent brush set without a cringe-worthy price point, but EcoTools is one of those brands that defies the odds. I recently picked up the EcoTools 5-piece Mineral Brush Set on an impromptu Target run, and - spoiler alert - I've been using these brushes nonstop.

this set includes:

mineral powder brush
baby kabuki brush
concealer brush
fluffy eye shading brush
hemp and cotton brush bag

I am so impressed by the craftsmanship behind these brushes. The bristles are incredibly soft and blend powder products so easily, and the bamboo handles are sleek and easy to grip. The brush hairs are also synthetic, which means that they dry very quickly. I have cleaned these brushes several times already and have not experienced any shedding. Of course, I also stand behind the ethical commitments of EcoTools, 100% - so that's a huge plus.

baby kabuki

The baby kabuki is too adorable for words. As the name suggests, the width of this brush is quite a bit smaller than what you might expect from a typical kabuki brush. I find that this brush is a bit too small for my taste when it comes to buffing in my BareMinerals original foundation, but I do like it for setting my undereyes and getting some extra coverage around my nose and my chin area.

eye shading brush

My favorite brush of the set! The bristles on the eye shading brush are so incredibly soft, and I find that this brush produces such a blended and diffused look to any eye look. The head of this brush isn't too small, either, so I find myself gravitating towards this brush when I want a subtle wash of color over the lids as well. The shape is also quite good for contouring the top of the nose, right around the eyebrows.
mineral powder brush

The mineral powder brush works amazingly well with powder when it comes to setting the face, but I personally prefer this brush for bronzing around my cheekbones. It's simply that I like brushes that are less dense for setting powder because I prefer very light, natural coverage. For bronzing, though, this brush is great. The tip is slightly tapered, and the size is just enough to skim over and under the cheeks for a bronze glow.

concealer brush

A pretty typical brush, but still very well-made and super soft. I love using this brush to pack on concealer around my nose and my lips when I want heavier coverage - if I want lighter coverage, I just stick to using my fingers.

I got this set for $9.95 at Target - super affordable! I give it 4 out of 5 stars. 

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